The past week has been one big adventure. But a great one.

This great adventure started in the Boston airport last Tuesday. I made it through TSA without a problem and sat down at my gate, waiting patiently for boarding to start. Well, it became 20 minutes past boarding time, it was raining with thunder and lightning, and our plane hadn’t arrived yet. I called my wonderful pilot dad and asked if planes could fly in those conditions and he laughed at me. The 45 minute layover I had in LA was getting shorter and shorter… and shorter. Once we boarded our plane, I got a notification that our ETA to LA was after my departure time from LA. After giggling uncontrollably, by myself, like a crazy person, I realized I had to rebook my flight. As we took off, I texted my mom and changed my flight to 24 hours later and hoped it all went through. When I got to LA around midnight, I took an uber to my mom’s friend’s wife’s house and got picked up by my mom’s cousin Kate the next day. Moms are the best, right? Kate took me around LA- we went hiking, got ice cream, hung out with her family- so much fun. When I got back to LAX for my 10:40 pm flight, all I could think about was how grateful I was that 1. I got to spend a day with Kate (who I hadn’t seen in years and is like, the best) and 2. My 6 hour flight and 15 hour flight weren’t back to back. God was working in some interesting ways and if that is any indication of how the rest of this trip is going to go, I am in for an ADVENTURE.

Well, I was right. Adrianna (my awesome travel partner) and I took about 5 wrong trains in the past 24 hours. And it was definitely my fault each time. It’s fine though… we’ll figure it out eventually.

I arrived in Sydney Friday morning (yes, I left PC/Boston on Tuesday) and didn’t waste any time. Adrianna and I took the train to Circular Quay, where we walked around the Opera House, took a boat across the water, and had lunch with an above average view.IMG_8590The next day (Saturday), we went to Darling Harbor and checked out the zoo and aquarium. Here’s a picture of me and my favorite animal.IMG_8682.jpg

Moving on…


Yesterday Adrianna and I had our first day at St. Lucy’s. First of all, this school is incredible. In the two days I’ve been there, I have been blown away by the staff and the way these students and educated, loved, and supported. I am beyond impressed. I am placed in a class of 9 third grade boys, all of which are somewhere on the Autism spectrum. These boys are also incredible. They each have such specific skills and abilities and I am so excited to watch them grow throughout the next few weeks. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time that I cannot imagine the ways in which my time at St. Lucy’s will affect me. I will be posting again this weekend so that I can go more in depth about my first week with these amazing kids.

I have to say I am loving this beautiful adventure. It’s taken me to a long lost cousin, a bunch of Sydney coffee shops, and a really awesome host family. I feel blessed to the point that words cannot describe it~ stay tuned for my next post on how I’ve settled in here.

Hey, thanks for reading this. I can’t say thank you enough to my family, friends, and donors. God is too good to me. Sending all my love!


a ~vibe~





3 thoughts on “Adventure.

  1. I am so enjoying your adventure. As a friend of your grandmother, and a grandmother myself, I can surely identify with the pride and anticipation of this chapter in your amazing life. I’m sure many wonderful and inspiring adventures lie ahead for you. And I look forward to reading about all of them! God bless you and your travels.


  2. Dude!! This adventure!!!! Did you ask if you could swim with the shark??
    Love you oodles and cannot wait to see how God keeps working in your life on this epic journey! Xoxo


  3. Gracie…you write so eloquently. Thanks for keeping us on the western hemisphere up to date your life in Sydney. Those boys at St. Lucy are going to LOVE you, Miss Koonce. Is that what they call you? Glad you have Adrianna with you. You are so blessed! Love, Dons


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